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Saturday, October 2, 2010

3 months!

PEYTON ....well she is 3 months old today! when you have a preemie they tell you to expect them to hit their milestones according to their gestational age , so far she is ahead she will only be 42 weeks tomorrow and she is interacting working on keeping her head. she also smiles a lot!

she is up to 8 pounds! which means she has gained almost 3 pounds since she came home a little over a month ago! the kid loves to eat which make her parents and pediatrician very happy! We are coming up to RSV season which means less visitors and no public appearances so we can keep our princess healthy. Preemies have a weak immune system so the winter season is very scary! We are trying to take every measure to keep her safe and healthy including getting re- vaccinated for several things!

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