Our Story

We have officially been married one year! It has been a crazy journey.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

To understand how fast our year has gone you must start at the beginning.....

We are started dating April of 2009..........

I was living in Dallas while Jeremy was here in OK, which made for long nights and short weekends. Everyone always says when you know it is the right person you just know. I can say that this statement boast true and false for us! I knew that he was different but it took a month of convincing, I also knew that I didn't want to live without him.

Our world excelerated on June 25, 2009......this day will is remembered by many of you as the day Micheal Jackson and Farrah Fawcet died, for us it took another grim turn. Jeremy called to tell me that he would be deploying to Iraq in 10 days. Little did I know that Jeremy had already bought me an engagement ring and had planned on asking me to marry him that weekend. We talked about what we should do, he still left out the part about his purchase. After lots of discussion we decided that we were going to get married when you are looking at a long seperation and in a way such as that you realize what you want out of life.

June 26 Jeremy arrived in Dallas so we could drive to Eureka Springs, but first he had business to take care of that being officially asking me to marry him. Just like that he dropped down to his knees on my balcony and it was perfect .......Though neither one of us expected to get married and engaged within 24 hours it was the most amazing and intimate experience.