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Friday, September 24, 2010

OU - we will never forget you--to my nurses and doctors

After 45 days many of the girls became like family. Thank you for everything there is no way I could have gotten through without you. I will never forget you and you will never know how much you have touched our lives. While I had almost every nurse on the 4th floor at one point and they were all amazing some of you went the extra mile. I know that I may have missed some people but I am grateful to you all and the few words that are here are not enough.

Dr. Dorsett : Thank you for not just writing me off for helping fight to keep me in the hospital and to keep her in as long as possible. You never showed any panic in front of me even though I knew it did not look that good. You are an amazing Dr!

Dr. Shultz: Even though you could have passed me off to the high risk team and never did. You came by at least once a week and were always updated on my condition, you always made sure I was comfortable and if I needed anything.

Knudtson: ahh we went full circle I had you the 1st week and the week before labor and delivery ...thank you for being honest even though you were not my favorite person in the beginning it was the news you were telling me not you . In the end you turned out to be one of my favorites.


Jennifer, Lori, and Megan : Thank you for not going into a panic every time I went into labor it helped keep me calm and that helped so much more than you will ever know. You also cared about what was going on instead of just trying to get me passed on.

Lisa : thank you for coming to my rescue with Zofran a few times in the middle of the night and the fetal monitor once I got to my paranoid phase.

Sherrie: You always wore the best earring and you could always make me laugh.

Mary: upon being admitted you were the first face I saw the next morning. Thank you for letting me cry and not making me feel like it was not a burden upon you to visit with me. Thank you for getting me out of that icky room! lol

Lesly: Thank you for patience! You had to give me steroids and you also got me after each scare so every spot or cramp you reassured me.

Jane: oh Jane you are amazing and always told me how great I was doing. You have such a kind heart

All the nursing supervisors: you and your girls are amazing!

My next 3 girls you are stuck with me forever :)
Jessica: Thank you for keeping me entertained lol! I loved that if I got bored and you werent busy you would come visit. Also for movies and music staring at those 4 walls was boring at times. You had me the first night there and made it seem so easy no fear that night on my part. You were the first person that checked for her heartbeat after starting meds and after being under stress. That moment will always be with me because you found it right away and she was ok.

Stacy: I will alway be grateful that usually if I was over at labor and delivery that you were there too. It made it easier because I didnt just stare at walls thinking about what could happen at any second! Thank you so much for being an amazing nurse and friend! ps the coach outlet opens soon!!! Oh and thank you for the best diaper bag ever

Kaleigh: thank you for twix runs, baby name entertainment ...oh and getting me hooked on 30 Rock! Thank you for not laughing at me when I thought my water broke :P . Ben is going to have an amazing Aunt!

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